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JMatPro® Demo

Please feel free to download the demo version of JMatPro®. We do not require you to register but any comments or feedback you can make at [email protected] is very welcome.

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About the Demo

The JMatPro® demo does not allow you to make new calculations, however, you can access pre-calculated data by going to the "File-Load Material File" menu item which will open JMatPro®'s Material Browser. There, just select the material you are interested in by clicking on a file name in the left part of the window. This will show the available calculations for this material arranged in "tree" form in the right part of the window. In this "tree" check the calculation results (in blue) you want to view and press the "Load Data" button at the bottom.

In the menu "Help-Articles & Doc" you will find plenty of published scientific articles detailing the scientific basis of our software which are also available within our Knowledge Base.

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