JMatPro® API

The JMatPro® API (Application Programming Interface) can be used to incorporate specific functionality of the JMatPro® software into your own applications. We provide the basic building blocks for you to automate and develop tasks within your own models and to integrate them into your own software. 

Version 7.0 of the JMatPro® API provides calculations for:
  • Stable and metastable phase equilibria
  • Physical and thermophysical properties
  • Solidification phases and properties
  • Mechanical properties for Al, Fe, Ni, Co and Ti alloys
For General Steels:
  • Time-temperature transformation (TTT) diagrams
  • Continuous cooling transformation (CCT) diagrams
  • Cooling properties in the solid state 
Please click here for the JMatPro® API reference guide

*If the API documentation does not open properly or if some of its content seems to be missing: right click on the chm file, select "Properties" then click "Unblock", press OK and try to open the chm file again*