Sente Software also works on a consultancy basis:

If you only need a few calculations or are not ready yet to purchase a JMatPro® license, we can make any specified calculation using JMatPro® for you and send you the results as data files or pictures. In a matter of hours and at a low cost, you could get data available nowhere else, saving valuable time and energy.

We can also provide materials data for use as input in casting, forming, forging or general FEM based simulations. Do not settle for sketchy, incomplete or even inaccurate data, we can provide better...

Also, if you have any specific requirement, we can write tailor made software for you either as a JMatPro® module or as a stand alone program. In fact, we are open to any general material science consultancy jobs.

If you are interested please send an e-mail to and we will reply promptly.

We will provide you with a quotation, and if it is a straightforward calculation you may have the results on your desk very quickly.

If so, please click on the below and we will reply promptly.

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