JMatPro® Material Property Optimiser (MPO)


Material Property Optimiser (MPO) 


s a powerful optimisation tool for the design of multicomponent alloys. It builds upon the calculation engine behind JMatPro® by combining it with a multi-objective optimisation method. It allows you to perform calculations aimed at identifying optimal values of decision variables that lead to desired material properties. 

Capabilities of Material Property Optimiser

Design space: alloy composition


Objective space:  

thermo-physical properties derived from


calculations along with 

alloy cost


  • Phase amounts and boundaries

  • Heat treatment window for Al, Mg, and Ni alloys
  • Density and molar volume
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Electrical conductivity and resistivity
  • Young’s, bulk, and shear moduli

  • Poisson’s ratio

  • Single crystal stiffness coefficients 

Benefits of Material Property Optimiser

  • Extensively validated 


    calculations ensure reliable, robust, and consistent material property predictions

  • Efficient exploration of design space allows you to identify trade-offs and focus on the most promising alloy compositions
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface ensure you can get results quickly
  • Powerful tool to accelerate development of new or improved alloys, while reducing the need for costly experiments
Please click here for the JMatPro® MPO reference guide

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