API version 4.0.2 released

JMatPro API v4.0.2, January 2018
  • fixed potential inaccuracy in Cooling calculations for low carbon steels when some user-defined profiles are used.
JMatPro API v4.0.1, November 2017
  • Improved robustness of intermediary calculations in the CCT module to avoid rare hanging issues.
  • Fixed rare memory crash when reading physical properties databases.
  • Adjusted LAVES phase in Fe, Ni, Co, Ti, and Zr thermodynamic databases.
  • Adjusted CU phase in Fe thermodynamic database.
  • Adjusted molar volume for Q_AL7CU3MG6, MG2CU, AL7CR, M2P, AL7CR, and BETA_MN phases.

JMatPro API v4.0, October 2017

  • Implemented a new model for the calculation of electrical conductivity and resistivity.
  • Added a new structure type for cast irons that allows a user-defined pearlitic-ferritic mixture to be considered in Solidification calculations.
  • Extended the calculations of single crystal stiffness coefficients and anisotropic Young's modulus into the mushy zone.
  • Added enthalpy of liquid to the output of a Solidification calculation using the quench model for general steels.
  • Updated the thermodynamic and properties databases to match those included in JMatPro v10.0.
  • Added Ag to magnesium alloys.
  • Changed the behaviour of some of the phase flags to allow the user to define a conditional heat treatment temperature in Solver extended stepping calculations.
  • Fixed discontinuity in the surface tension at high temperatures.
  • Fixed inaccurate surface tension in the mushy zone for Solidification calculations that consider the effect of solid-state transformations.
  • Fixed an intermediary calculation in the TTT/CCT modules that was going needlessly low in temperature, and also made other minor improvements to obtain more robust TTT/CCT calculations.

JMatPro API v3.0.2, November 2016

  • Fixed carbon renormalisation for Cooling calculations starting below the Ae3.

JMatPro API v3.0.1, November 2016

  • Fixed missing initialisation causing problems for sequential runs of TTT, CCT and Cooling calculations with different compositions
  • Changed calculation thread exit mechanism to avoid memory leaks when an error occurs

JMatPro API v3.0, September 2016

  • Added Cooling module for the calculation of phase evolution and properties during cooling of general steels in the solid state.
  • Extended the Solidification module with a quench model for general steels.
  • Improved thermodynamic modelling of ETA in Ni alloys containing high amounts of Co, and also of GAMMA" in Ni alloys containing very high amounts of Fe.
  • Improved thermodynamic modelling of Ni alloys containing high amounts of Al and Fe.
  • Updated Fe and Ni thermodynamic databases for consistency.

JMatPro API v2.0.1, April 2016
  • Fixed a bug in the calculation of chemical potentials and surface tension during solidification.
  • Adjusted MC phase in Ni and Co thermodynamic databases to prevent mislabelling of TiC/TiN.

JMatPro API v2.0, February 2016
  • Added isopleth calculations to the Solver module.
  • Added back diffusion in a modified Scheil-Gulliver model that can be used in Solver and Solidification calculations for Al, Mg, Co, Ni, Ti, and Zr alloys.
  • Added calculations of stiffness coefficients and anisotropic Young's modulus to the Coldfire module (only for Ni-based single crystals).
  • Added calibration of TTT/CCT diagrams of general steels through user-defined shift factors.
  • Updated the thermodynamic and properties databases to match those included in JMatPro v9.0.
  • Added Mn to titanium alloys.
  • Increased the maximum number of temperature-composition points that can be used in Solver calculations with arbitrary points.
  • Improved calculation of Martensite transition temperature for maraging steels.
  • Fixed missing initialisation causing problems when running sequentially a mix of in-step and out-of-step extended calculations.
  • Fixed detection of the varying element when running Coldfire to calculate physical properties as a function of concentration.
  • Fixed loop structure in the Solidification post-processing to eliminate potential problems in the contribution of solid-state transformations.
  • Fixed minor bugs in the TTT/CCT modules.

JMatPro API v1.1, March 2015
  • Fixed rare occurrence of buffer overflow when reading phases from Solver output files.
  • Redesigned inter-module connectivity to properly handle concurrent process execution.
  • Fixed treatment of phases appearing at a single temperature in a Solidification calculation.
  • Fixed detection of liquidus temperature when a Solidification calculation is run without phase boundaries search.

JMatPro API v1.0.1, January 2015
  • Improved calculation of Martensite transition temperature for stainless steels compositions and for alloys containing Al.
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