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JMatPro® API v8.0.1 released

29th Nov 2023

JMatPro® version 8.0.1

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Version 8.0.1
  • corrected typo in parameter for mechanical properties of some Aluminium alloys
Version 8.0
  • Implemented a back diffusion model for steels in the Solver and Solidification modules.
  • Extended the Solidification module with a quench from back diffusion model for steels and titanium alloys, improved existing quench models, and implemented a variant of the quench from Scheil-Gulliver model for titanium alloys.
  • Added specific heat and latent heat of formation for each of the austenite decomposition products to the output of a Solidification calculation using the quench from Scheil-Gulliver model for steels and white cast irons.
  • Extended the Cooling module for titanium alloys.
  • Extended high-temperature strength and flow stress calculations in the Mechanical module for general steels in the tempered condition.
  • Improved calculation of latent heat of formation of ferrite from austenite.
  • Reassessed creep for BCC phase in steels.
  • Improved creep and rupture strength models for nickel-based alloys.
  • Added new dislocation cutting mechanism in aluminium alloys kinetics.
  • Remodelled age hardening for Al3Sc phase in aluminium alloys.
  • Improved stability of the thermodynamic solver.
  • Updated the thermodynamic and properties databases to match those included in JMatPro v14.0.
  • Adjusted the Al thermodynamic database.
  • Reassessed molar volume of Ti2Cu and Ti2Ni phases for titanium alloys.
  • Fixed possible failure in aluminium strength calculations.
  • Fixed possible failure in high-temperature strength calculations for general steels.
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