JMatPro® version 10.2

Version 10.2


  • fixed format error in ProCAST export file in some locales
  • fixed potential inaccuracy problem for low carbon steels in "Quench  Properties" calculation when some user defined profiles are used

Version 10.1

  • allow use of General Steels TTT calibration in hot-rolling


  • new export to LS-DYNA (CWM model)


  • adjusted LAVES phase in Fe.db Ni.db Co.db Ti.db and Zr.db
  • adjusted CU phase in Fe.db
  • adjusted molar volume for Q_AL7CU3MG6 MG2CU AL7CR M2P AL7CR BETA_MN phases


  • improved responsivity of isopleth plots to keyboard input
  • improved advanced CCT calculation to avoid hanging calculations
  • improved cooling curve for solidification calculations
  • fixed erroneous values of electrical resistivity exported to 3rd party packages for Bainite, Pearlite, Ferrite, Martensite
  • fixed changes of plot options not applied to stress-strain curves
  • fixed glitches with configuration of plot for flow stress analysis and isopleth plots
  • fixed saved Scheil-Gulliver calculations not loading for General Steels
  • fixed rare memory crash on physical properties databases reading
  • fixed grid display preferences not updated in cooling curve plots
  • fixed rounding error of time in high temperature strength calculation of Al alloys leading to possible inaccurate end holding time
  • fixed possible calculation failures in high temperature strength calculation of Al alloys
  • improved visual appearance of "Quick TTT/CCT" input window for General Steels when calibration factors used

Version 10.0

  • addition of calculation of C diffusion in welds
  • addition of dissimilar metal welds for Ni alloys
  • remodelled simultaneous precipitation in steels including second stage option
  • addition of AlN,MN and M(C,N) isothermal and TTP calculations for steels
  • addition of high temperature strength calculation for Single Crystals
  • new model for the calculation of electrical conductivity/resistivity
  • addition of calculation of hardening phases in Mg alloys
  • addition of TTT/CCT and isothermal calculations for Mg alloys
  • new kinetic modelling for Al alloys (TTT/CCT and isothermal calculations)
  • addition of user defined pearlite-ferrite mixture option in Cast Iron solidification
  • extended Single Crystal anisotropy calculation into mushy zone
  • addition of ratio input for calibration of General Steels TTT/CCT (rather than just times at nose)
  • addition of a plot option for user defined cooling/heating/... profiles
  • addition of info about grain boundaries in Ni alloys strength calculation
  • addition of surface tension to general steel solidification calculations
  • addition of temperature/concentration stepping calculation when selecting a point in an isopleth calculation
  • adjusted antiphase boundary energy calculation in calculation of Ni alloys creep/high temperature strength
  • remodelled elongation calculation
  • update of Fe thermodynamic database: Fe(Ni,Al) CU and ETA phases re-assessed - new OMEGA phase
  • update of Al thermodynamic database: Ti added to E_ALCRMGMN phase
  • update of Cu thermodynamic database: new phase M5SI3
  • update of Mg thermodynamic database: new element: Ag - new phases Mg4Ag, Mg7RE (rare-earth) - MgCu2 renamed to Mg(Cu,Zn)2 - extension of rare-earth containing phases to more rare-earth elements
  • new export to ProCast (xml file)
  • new export to LVMFlow
  • new export to QForm Heat Treatment
  • extended export to Transvalor software
  • extended export to Simufact software
  • addition of partition coefficients for steel solidification in Magmasoft export
  • more robust solver when performing calculation at a single temperature point
  • more robust TTT calculations
  • fixed inaccurate surface tension calculation in solidification mushy zone when solid state transformations are also considered
  • fixed possible bad format and unexpected values in Sysweld export
  • fixed possible bad format in Transvalor-steel export
  • changed confusing information label for heating rate in reaustenitisation plot
  • fixed possible spike in flow-stress in the mushy zone
  • fixed possible hot-rolling calculation failure
  • fixed out of bounds windows possibility if multiple displays used
  • fixed direction choice not appearing in Single Crystal anisotropy calculation when more than 1 plot open
  • fixed renaming dialog sometimes hidden when renaming datasets in material browser
  • fixed unit issue when switching from inch to cm in Jominy calculations
  • re-assessment of B and C diffusion in BCC-FE
  • reorganisation of export buttons
  • removed "time before testing" input in Aluminium flow-stress analysis calculations when not relevant
  • added missing cooling rate information in multi-temperature homogenisation plots
  • added possibility to plot separately heating and cooling parts in welding cycle plots
  • added safeguards to prevent accidental use of At% composition in input
  • added documentation for command line installation
  • fixed possible composition unit confusion for Magmasoft export
  • fix of a visual glitch whereby windows are not refreshed and white areas remain
  • update of the Sentinel licensing framework
  • more explicit info for isopleth calculations
  • more explicit text in martensite utility tool
  • fixed maximum number of points in general steel quench properties/solidification calculations
  • fixed a numerical issue which removed the wrong point in general steel quench properties/solidification calculations
  • avoid possible mistakes due to points interpolation in general steel quench properties/solidification calculations
  • fixed missing viscosity and surface tension plots
  • fixed an intermediary calculation in advanced TTT/CCT calculations going needlessly low in temperature
  • fixed disappearing picture export and change title dialogs in strain vs cycles plot for Fatigue Related calculation
  • forced export of room temperature data in flow-stress export to third party software
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