JMatPro® version 11.2

Version 11.2 (June 2019)

  • extended export of electromagnetic properties for Transvalor software
  • added stress-strain curve and forming limit diagram utilities for General Steels only license
  • added a possible alternative export format for CCT calculations
  • fixed Sysweld export for Al alloys
  • fixed Simufact export for Al alloys when liquidus is lower then expected

Version 11.1 (April 2019)

  • added a possible alternative export format from advanced CCT calculation for General Steels
  • added an option to choose the order of phases in the export of phases' amount in thermodynamic temperature stepping graphs
  • added configuration setting to choose a specific licensing dongle if several are available
  • fixed calculation of specific heat and enthalpy in stainless steel advanced solidification when more than one secondary phase was present.
  • fixed casting export failures in the Export tab
  • fixed forming limit diagrams calibration for Mg and Ni alloys
  • fixed possible failing calculation for Aluminium TTT/CCT/isothermal
  • fixed time unit not taken into account when clicking on a curve point in advanced CCT calculation for General Steels
  • fixed export of quench properties inconveniently spread over several lines
  • fixed second stage tempering input accidentally showing up in maraging steel simultaneous precipitation
  • fixed a potential problem when calculating antiphase boundary energy for flow stress calculations
  • fixed a potential calculation issue for Ti alloys CCT calculation and cooling properties
  • fixed display of CCT calculations for Al alloys not displaying all the calculated data when default cooling rates are changed
  • fixed possible calculation issue in Ni alloys heat-treatment calculation
  • removed grain size info in Al high temperature mechanical properties graph information when actually not used in the calculation.

Version 11.0 (Jan 2019)

  • addition of a new Stainless Steels solidification model

  • addition of calculation of forming limit diagrams for Al,Mg, Ni,Co,Ti 

    alloys, General Steels and Stainless Steels

  • addition of processing map calculation  for Al,Ni,Co,Ti alloys, General Steels and Stainless Steels
  • improved Al alloys strength calculation with consideration of ageing 

    and addition of Lithium contribution

  • reassessed Al alloys kinetics (impacts on TTT, CCT, isothermal and 

    strength calculations)

  • improved stress-strain curve calculations in the lower strain region

  • new model for calculation of magnetic permeability in particular at 

    high magnetic fields

  • addition of flux density in plots of magnetic permeability vs. field

  • addition of Simultaneous Precipitation calculation for maraging steels

  • addition of GUI file creation of files needed for batch calculation

  • addition of Dissimilar Metal Welds calculation for Al and Ti alloys

  • addition of Mg cast strength calculation with associated flow curves 

    and forming limit diagrams

  • addition of Fracture Toughness calculation for Al, Ti alloys and 

    tempered steels

  • reassessed thermal conductivity for high-Al steels

  • improved thermodynamic solver stability


  • new Al export for Sysweld
  • new ProCAST export for General Steels allowing different grain size for further heat treatment after casting
  • removed problematic characters in export to ProCAST
  • new expanded export for Simufact
  • format changes for export to Transvalor software
  • ensured correct decimal separator in LS-DYNA export
  • changed the way latent heat is obtained for General Steels in export to Magmasoft
  • LS-DYNA welding export extended to Al alloys
  • fixed occurrence of too many data lines in Sysweld export


  • update of Fe thermodynamic database: adjustment of CU phase

  • update of Cu thermodynamic database: addition of Bi

  • update of Al.db: adjustment of AL3M_L12 phase

  • update of Mg.db: new phase FCC_A1 (not directly used)

  • fixed possible missing point in Quench Properties calculation

  • fixed possible rounding issue in Flow Stress Analysis calculation

  • fixed possible glitches in Stress-Strain calculations
  • fixed Poisson's ratio calculation for Martensite in Ti alloys
  • fixed possible memory problem in Al kinetics calculation
  • fixed wrong labelling in tempering plots
  • fixed missing documentation
  • new Terms & Conditions of use
  • many small improvements in GUI
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