JMatPro Version 9.0

  • Addition of isopleth calculation
  • Addition of back-diffusion calculation and cooling rate dependence in solidification properties for Al, Mg, Co, Ni, Ti and Zr alloys
  • Improvement of homogenisation calculation with consideration of back diffusion and dendrite geometries for Al, Mg, Co, Ni, Ti and Zr alloys
  • Addition of strength/hardness calculation in Simultaneous Precipitation calculation for General Steels
  • Improvement of precipitation kinetics in Simultaneous Precipitation calculation for General Steels
  • Improvement of Tempered Hardness calculation for General Steels
  • Addition of rolling force calculation in Multi-Pass Hot Rolling calculation for General Steels
  • Improvement of strain hardening calculation in Fe alloys
  • Addition of user calibration of TTT/CCT diagrams for General Steels allowing users to match their experimental data and make further calculations thereafter
  • Improvement of the Martensite transition temperature calculation for maraging steels
  • Calculation of stiffness coefficients and modulus anisotropy in Single Crystals
  • Addition of O,F and H heat treatments in the calculation of high temperature mechanical properties for Al alloys
  • Addition of stress-strain curves and flow stress analysis calculations for Al alloys
  • Export of data for third party forming simulation packages for Al alloys
  • Addition of Brinell<->Vickers hardness conversion for Al alloys
  • Addition of the option of user input room temperature strength for High Temperature Strength calculation for Ti alloys and Stainless Steels
  • Improved model for the calculation of Antiphase Boundary Energy calculation with temperature dependence for Ni alloys
  • Allowed display of Md (martensite deformation)>0K even if Ms<0K
  • Adjustments to Al, Mg, Fe, Co, Ni, Ti and Cu thermodynamic databases
  • Adjustments to molar volumes for TiZrSi Ti5Si3 and TiMB2 phases in Ti alloys
  • Adjustments to molar volume for high-Cr steels
  • Addition of Mn to Ti alloys
  • Addition of electrical resistivity to Simufact export
  • Addition of enthalpy if required to Sysweld export
  • Addition of more export options mode for Transvalor software for General steels (Physical/mechanical properties - flow stress curves - TTT/CCT - reaustenitisation)

Numerous improvements in models and user interface
  • Fixed a bug in the the calculation of Gamma" size for 2 steps ageing
  • Fixed a bug which prevented loading of user defined material types
  • Fixed clipped picture in fatigue tool plot
  • Fixed a confusing label when showing normalised element amounts in phases
  • Fixed HEATING part and possible negative numbers in Sysweld export
  • Increased array size in solver
  • Improved accuracy of Ferrite in TTT calculation for export purposes
  • Prevented double question when overwriting files
  • Improved plot of Ni micro-structure evolution during heat treatment
  • Fixed a bug preventing the export of picture for Flow Stress Analysis
  • Fixed a bug related to decreasing particle size in Ni Heat Treatment
  • Fixed cooling rate reported as 0.0 when clicking on some points in Advanced CCT plots
  • Fixed picture export in creep plot not working when log vs log plot chosen
  • Added info on input parameters used for flow stress analysis plot
  • Grouped export buttons according to export type
  • Fixed rare problems when averaging in solidification calculations
  • Fixed flicker in printing message
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