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JMatPro® Version 13.3 released

13th Apr 2023

JMatPro® version 13.3

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Version 13.3 (April 2023)
  • for General Steels, fixed an uncommon incomplete or failing export of TTT data to Transvalor software and COMSOL Multiphysics® when one phase (Ferrite, Pearlite, Bainite) does not appear at all
  • fixed an uncommon error preventing phases to be found in TTT/CCT calculations for Ni superalloys
Version 13.2 (August 2022)

(Please note that the changes in version 13.2 only affect General Steels and Fe alloy users)

  • fixed General Steels THERCAST export always using default phases transformation input data
  • fixed General Steels Reaustenitisation Properties calculation failing with user profile
Version 13.1 (June 2022)
  • improved Cu effect in Al alloys mechanical properties
  • improved assessment of kinetics in Al alloys for some phases
  • added pdf documentation for Al-T8 heat treatment
  • added Austenitisation temperature input for THERCAST casting export in General Steels
  • fixed solidification calculation in Al alloys containing Oxygen
  • completed and corrected physical properties for TIM_B2 phase in Ti alloys
  • fixed a possible failed export for DEFORM-HT
  • fixed a possible bad calculation for Jominy Hardenability and Quench Properties calculations
  • fixed Simufact-Additive export preventing multiple calculations
Version 13.0 (December 2021)
  • extension of re-austenitisation (phases and properties) and TTA curves calculations to hypereutectoid steels
  • extension of magnetic permeability calculations to hypereutectoid steels
  • calculation of rupture strength of tempered power plant type steels - added to the "Simultaneous Precipitation" calculation for carbide-strengthened steels
  • addition of CLUSTER phase to Metastable phases - TTT/CCT - isothermal calculations for Al alloys
  • improved model for TTA calculations (revised T_ferrite calculation)
  • improved model for Stainless Steel solidification
  • remodelled contribution of particles at grain boundaries to rupture life in Ni alloys
  • added T8 age hardening calculations for Al wrought alloys
  • added T4, T5 and T6 age hardening calculations for Al cast alloys
  • new modelling of TTT/CCT/isothermal/age hardening calculations for 6xxx Al alloys
  • addition of calculation of RT strength of Al alloys after exposure to higher temperature at multiple isothermal temperatures instead of one at a time
  • addition of user defined profiles to Ti cooling properties
  • improved calculation of fracture toughness of steels with effect of nitrides and excessive Si
  • improved calculation of the elastic limit (point of the stress-strain curve at 0 strain)
  • variable number of significant figures show when a graph point is clicked and values are given (better precision for small values)
  • allowed phase boundaries control in "Extended General physical properties" for difficult calculations
  • improved tempering calculations: austenite can now be stable at the tempering temperature
  • improved coarsening, stability model and new strength model in Simultaneous Precipitation calculations and added choice of phases
  • improved martensite tempering model for plain carbon and alloyed steels
  • improved Forming Limit Diagram model with consideration of anisotropy and order of yield surface
  • re-assessed yield strength <-> tensile strength <-> hardness inter-conversions for steels
  • labelled magnetic permeability as maximum in graphs when relevant.
  • added average expansion coefficient to properties displayed in general steels Quench Properties
  • better implementation of number of points per decade in flow-stress analysis
  • new printing mechanism
  • new location of index files
  • new documentation on all thermodynamic databases
  • added NiW and Ni6Si2B phase to Ni thermodynamic database
  • adjusted MC phase in Ni and Co thermodynamic databases
  • added Al12Mo to Al thermodynamic database
  • added CLUSTER metastable phase to Al thermodynamic database
  • adjusted MgRE12 phase in Mg thermodynamic database
  • re-assessed thermal conductivity contribution for Cu and Si in FCC phase
  • re-assessed thermal conductivity for Mg alloys with significant Al content
  • for Ti alloys, new export for Simufact Additive
  • for general Steels, new export for DANTE® Heat Treatment Simulation software
  • for general steels, extended COMSOL Multiphysics® export with transformation data
  • added data for heating transformation in DEFORM-HT export and extended data exported to higher temperatures
  • new and improved Sysweld and ProCast export format
  • improved and corrected Ansys export (ENTH unit changed to J/m^3 and temperature unit can be chosen)
  • fixed coarsening calculation at high temperatures for NiFe superalloys reporting overestimated coarsening rate for Gamma'
  • fixed fracture toughness calculation failing because of secondary phases appearing
  • fixed minor inaccuracies in permeability calculation
  • fixed failing calculation in cast-iron solidification when temperature unit is F
  • fixed bug in quench properties calculations occurring with some user-defined profiles
  • fixed missing phases details for Young's, bulk, shear moduli as well as thermal conductivity for white cast iron solidification
  • fixed wrong fixed temperature information exported when exporting a flow stress analysis data at varying strain rate
  • fixed inconsistency in welding cycle
  • fixed possible problems from location of files in non-standard installation